Sunday School Easter
Program, Children,
Youth & Adults
April 16th. 2017
8:30-10:00 A.M.
All are Welcome
Pastor's 27th. Year
Anniversary Celebration
April 24, 2017
3:30 A.M.
Guest Church: King of Kings
John Hughes, Pastor
All are Invited
CD's of the Sunday 
Morning Service are
now available for
a donation $3.00 dollars.
Free to the sick and shut-in
Call the Church Office at:
414 264-2460 for more
information concerning any
of our announcements
You are always welcome at
Mount Carmel Baptist Church
Bring a friend with you.  Let us
exceed your expectation

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WE Accept Paypal and credit cards for donations. You may also mail in a donation. 

Full Name:
Home Phone:
Business Phone:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Last four of Social Security Number:
My Church Membership is at:
Place of Employment:
Employment E-Mail:
High School:
Previous College Credits:


(Like church study courses, seminars must have a copy of the outline of the material covered in the seminar as well as a certificate of completion. The formula for calculating seminar credit is: Clock hours in seminar/10 = credit hours.)

A Brief Testimony of your Salvation Experience:
Degree Program Desired:

Evaluation Worksheet:

This worksheet is to help determine the amount of credit hours that can be applied toward the degree program you are entering. Attach copies of courses, special training, or other work that you would like considered for credit. Please complete this information and send it with your application.


1. All items listed in the Ministerial Service, Teaching and Military columns are added together for a combined total. Your first 6 years of this total are worth 5 credit hours each for a total of 30 credit hours applied towards your AA or BA (maximum of 15 hours per degree). Your 7th and 8thyear are worth 4 credit hours each to be applied towards your Masters Degree (a maximum of 8 credit hours). No life experience credits are applied on the Doctorate or certification levels.

2. All life experience credit to be considered must have an accompanying letter confirming your time in the stated position from your pastor, deacon body, or direct supervisor in order to be considered on Ministry/Church letterhead.

3. Any seminars or church study course credits completed will be recognized as AA or BA level credits unless otherwise stated.

4. Absolutely no credit is recognized without some form of transcript as proof of completion.

Additional Information: